Bahrain candidate makes statement in swimsuit round

Miss Bahrain Manar Nadeem Deyani received loud applause during the Miss Universe 2021 swimsuit round when she took the stage in a fully covered, flowing activewear outfit on Friday. In the preliminary round, which was broadcast on television, all 80 participants could be seen in their national costumes and evening dresses.

The global beauty pageant, which is being held in Eilat, Israel this year, will crown its 70th winner on Sunday.

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“Today I went not just alone, but with millions of women who believe that in this generation the only measure of beauty should be the light that shines from within. Everyone can shine, as long as they have the heart, with purity, Compassion and kindness, “said Deyani in a message The national right after the event.

The budding fashion designer and resident of Dubai also presented a pearl-inspired dress in the costume group – an ode to the pearl diving heritage of her country – and a pastel-colored evening dress by the Pakistani-Canadian designer Safia Zulfiqar.

“It was an honor for me to design for Miss Universe Bahrain because, in addition to its beauty, it reflects so much humility and love,” said Zufiqar, who lives in Dubai The national. “And since I come from this region, I really believe that a respectful demeanor is enough to convince everyone of the beauty of the soul. For me, Jess is really a winner at breaking beauty stereotypes and has the way for all future candidates leveled with diversity. ” . “

Deyani, known to her friends as Jess, made history in November when she was named Bahrain’s first ever Beauty Queen in the Miss Universe contest.

“I may be the smallest candidate in Miss Universe history, but I stand upright and represent a land of love, peace and friendliness – your very first Miss Universe Bahrain,” posted the 155 centimeter tall Deyani on Instagram and announced her participation on 11/29

The Miss Universe pageant was held despite the Israeli authorities banning foreigners from entering the country to ward off the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Participants have been granted an exemption and will be tested for PCR every 48 hours, the country’s tourism minister said.

“This is an event that will be broadcast in 174 countries, a very important event that Eilat also desperately needs,” Minister Yoel Razvozov said last month. “We will know how to manage this event. With the help of the Waivers Committee, we will have events like this that the country has already committed to and that cannot be canceled.”

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Updated: December 11, 2021, 4:52 am

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