At AmericaFest you have to dress as right-wing extremist as possible

There are many things I would ask of any young woman planning to attend the pro-Trump, sinisterly titled AmericaFest, hosted by Turning Point USA this weekend. First off, why would you volunteer in a room with Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who killed two people and injured a third in a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is now considered a Conservative hero?

And what does America have to celebrate in a week of an ominous boom in Omicron diagnoses and the grim marking of 800,000 deaths from COVID? And if this conference is indeed “the greatest celebration of our constitutional rights and freedoms,” as their website promises, why would you want Roe v. Kill Wade so much?

But it seems that Turning Point USA, the student group that hosts this celebration of authoritarianism, has a different question for those in attendance that will be known to anyone who has ever watched E! Live from the red carpet: “What are you wearing there?”

Yes, it is time for those in attendance to pack the suitcase they are bringing to Phoenix, Arizona, where they will see speeches from Rittenhouse, Donald Trump Jr., Tucker Carlson, Kayleigh McEnany, Candace Owens, Jesse Water, and Charlie Kirk . The organization’s blog has posted some shopping stories highlighting what to bring with you.

And the gaudy Americana pieces look very similar to the ones I would have worn to Kesha’s “Get Sleazy” tour in 2011 if I hadn’t passed out after drinking canned wine.

“It’s a very ‘Business in the Front, Party in the Back’ scenario as you hear the top speakers from the Conservative movement during the day and party with your favorite country artists at night,” said Alex Clark, the host of a daily Show on Turning Point USA’s Instagram and Podcast Pages, wrote in a blog post.

Jeans are for women, what is remarkably progressive for a group that wants to take us back to the 1950s. “With whole families coming and there’s the concert element, you can dress more casually as long as you look appropriate!” Clark wrote. “Nothing too indecent, and I wouldn’t wear straight sweatpants or pajamas, but feel free to show off your best southern or western-inspired outfits!”

Clark added that she “personally” wants a “glam western vibe”. I prefer to call it “White lady complains about mask mandates at city council meeting chic”. Clark has summarized some outfit ideas in a series of graphics: a $ 25 fringed denim jacket from Forever21, $ 148 leather jeans from Lulus, and $ 309 flag-print boots from Old Gringo. There’s even a $ 890 Girlboss-meets-Easy Rider fringed jacket from Revolve. I’m not sure which teenage boy has that kind of money on an outfit, but I suspect they are probably not fans of a wealth tax.

Kendall Jones, an “outdoor industry influencer,” who “works to spread the word about conservation and the general public about hunting,” 2. Make her fashion selection for the event, entitled “Packing for AMFEST: Girl Edition ” attentive.

Jones posted photos of outfits she wore at past events, including a star-studded leather mini skirt, black T-strap boots and a belt from the famous American brand Gucci.

However, one commenter on the blog post wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the styles, writing, “Why are conservatives following the very mundane trend of wearing clothes that are as tight and revealing as possible? What is “preserved” as a result? Shouldn’t we strive to create a community in which virtue and purity are honored? ”No one answered.

Andre Soriano, the pro-Trump fashion designer best known for the “Make America Great Again” dress Joy Villa wore at the 2017 Grammys, will also serve as the “TPUSA Ambassador” and will host the event at his own Twitter and Instagram hyped feeds. “Fashion, glamor, music and world market leader!” Promised Soriano in a tweet last month.

He also posted a photo with MP Lauren Boebert who received confirmation from Trump after making an anti-Islamic comment about Congressman Ilhan Omar, writing, “So excited and can’t wait to see our amazing Congresswoman.”

And then there is TPUSA’s own merch store. There you can buy a black baseball cap for $ 30 that says, “Let’s go Brandon,” because it would be there, of course. (One wonders how these made the sales of Everyone’s grandfather, the red MAGA hat.) The site also offers a range of hoodies with phrases like “Be the Rich” (instead of taxing or eating them, you take.) on). “Stop censoring conservatives” and the word “coexist” unless the “o” is a gun target. All normal things.

Amy Coney Barrett gets the “Notorious RBG” treatment, with t-shirts that celebrate her in the same way that embarrassing liberal women loved slapping the late Supreme Court Justice’s face on anything from murals to Prayer candles. A Barrett cartoon is allowed to wear a small crown with the initials “ACB” on it. (This may not work the way Turning Point intended, as the abbreviation is one letter away from “ACAB” or “All cops are bastards,” which is a much more popular phrase seen during protests against police brutality last year .)

The Turning Point USA conference begins on Saturday, December 18th.

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