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The Old Launceston Armory reopened last week as the city’s newest factory and is operated by Tasmania-based sustainable fashion brand The Spotted Quoll. Despite a global retail downturn over the past 18 months, the brand’s online sales have boomed during the pandemic as shoppers seek their fashion solution closer. As a result, the company’s workforce has doubled, requiring the first official factory. Ethical sourcing, handcrafted quality and bold colors run through the brand’s range of jewelry, clothing and housewares, often featuring native Australian flora and fauna. According to brand owner Tamika Bannister, it’s been a busy year. READ MORE: COVID-19 booster vaccinations are available at local pharmacies.[Sales] just grown and grown and grown. We had people producing for us in their homes, but it just got too big and we had to open a factory, “she said. When the owner of Glebe Gardens, Joe Pintarich, heard of Ms. Bannister’s location, he offered to to lease the Old Armory. six isolated buildings originally built in the 1850s down the town’s riverside. READ MORE: Man escapes hotel quarantine in Launceston It’s a pretty unusual room, “Ms. Bannister said. With the site secured, there was still much to be done before the old gun sheds served their purpose. “None of the buildings had windows and doors and the turbo chooks were nesting in them,” she said. Read More Hobart, the website and the new factory, Spotted Quoll now employs around 15 people, Ms. Bannister hopes to open more stores in the coming year, including one in Launceston to work with the city’s newest factory. “We’ll be more next year Have locations – everyone will be dining from this factory, ”Ms. Bannister said. It’s difficult to get local, breaking news to the community. Here’s how you can still access our trusted content:


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