And just like the costume designer’s thredUp edit

Much has changed since then Sex and the City (SATC) long awaited reboot And just like that (AJLT) has finally started: Carrie and friends are older, Samantha is missing, and then there is … that End of episode one. The fact that the audience is guaranteed a good portion of fashion at every turn remains a mainstay. At least with the original SATC veteran on board – AJLT‘s costume Designer Molly Rogers worked together SATCLeading costume designer Patricia Field during the show’s original seasons while AJLT Co-costume designer Danny Santiago, worked alongside Rogers and Field for both of them SATC Filming was to be expected the continued emphasis on style. Staying true to the nature of second-hand shopping connoisseur Carrie, Rogers and Santiago often turned to thrift when designing costumes for the fresh start thredUP to curate selections that fans can actually shop for.

“We love the thrill of the hunt,” say Rogers and Santiago BEING via email. “It’s so rewarding to find truly unique items.” The duo said thrift has always been a part of their process, but even more so now as businesses like thredUP have brought IRL thrift online. “Mixing high and low is really important for a character like Carrie. She’d never wear a full runway look, so it’s about mixing vintage and second-hand items as well as a modern piece. “

Photo credit: Molly Rogers, Danny Santiago

It’s made up of around 750 styles from brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Nanushka, and it might even be better to buy Rogers and Santiago’s Edit than to raid Carrie’s closet. The couple curated a selection for three different virtual closets: The Statement Maker, The Polished Romantic, and The Laid Back Power Dresser (likely inspired by Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, respectively). Rogers and Santiago said their costume design process starts with mood boarding and gathering information about the characters, and then moves on to pulling images from magazines, Pinterest, and the like. “We took a similar approach to this collaboration with thredUP,” they said, “thinking about each and every style and what would be in their closet.” But, Santiago says in a press release, editing isn’t about copying a particular character’s style. “[It’s] really about being inspired by our work in order to find your own personal style, ”he says. “I believe that fashion should be accessible and fun for everyone and reflect the individuality of each individual, and that’s exactly what we want to convey with this collaboration.”

The curation was started as a special nod to the late actor Willie Garson, who played Carrie’s best friend Stanford Blatch SATC, and repeated his role for three episodes of AJLT Before his death in September when thredUP, Rogers and Santiago pledged all proceeds to the Willie Garson Fund. Powered by You have to believe, an organization for which Garson was on the advisory board, the fund – like the organization – is dedicated to the search for permanent homes for young adults, adolescents and children in foster families.

Unsurprisingly, many of the second-hand styles from Rogers and Santiago’s thredUP-Edit are already on their way to new owners, but there are plenty more to buy – some straight from the costume designer’s own set closet. Scroll through some of the styles in front of you, then shop for the rest here.

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