A Dutch fashion designer’s suitcase is stranded at Schiphol

Dutch fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker could be five dresses short at a fashion show in Paris on Sunday. A suitcase containing his creations was moved from KLM to Schiphol and is now stranded at the understaffed airport, according to the AD.

Van den Krommenacker brought the clothes for the fashion show from Milan last week. He had just put the finishing touches on them in a workshop and decided to pack them in his suitcase to avoid delays. However, he was disappointed at the baggage carousel at Schiphol.

“Everyone got their suitcase except me,” he told the AD. Eventually he wants to go home, with KLM promising to send the suitcase of clothes on as soon as it’s found. The dresses were scheduled to be shown at a Paris fashion show on Sunday.

That was the last thing he heard until he called the airline on Saturday morning. He was told that no staff were available to retrieve the suitcase of clothes. “I said: If I go to Schiphol now, can I still take him with me? But they said, ‘I honestly don’t give you much of a chance,'” the fashion designer said.

On Saturday, Van den Krommenacker told the AD two seamstresses would try to work through the night to re-design the designs, but it’s possible they won’t be shown. “The last clothes you make right before the show are always the pieces you have the most affinity for,” said Van den Krommenacker.

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