A closer look at the Telfar x UGG Logo Mini

The world of fashion is real, democratic and everyone is ambitious. Satisfying consumers’ need to create quality and unique designs that change consumers’ perspectives in this field where tastes are constantly changing is a taste that many designers face. 2020 saw the epic collaboration between bag brands that wowed many consumers. Among them was the announcement of the collaboration between Telfar and UGG Logo Mini that won the cake. The news was announced via Telfar’s Instagram page as they applauded some teasers which featured Telfar designer Clemens on the back of the winner of Accessories Designer of the Year at the CFDA Fashion Awards. UGG partnered with Telfar to showcase its bags through the FEEL YOU series in what consumers have described as the largest collaboration between two classic fashion designers. This article is a guide to the Telfar x UGG Logo Mini.

The UGG Logo Mini has become an iconic and gender-specific product since its launch, just like the Telfar bags. According to TeenVogueCooperation talks began months after Telfar terminated its partnership with GAP. For its part, UGG welcomed the idea as it wanted to expand its collaboration to include a beautiful range of shearling bags and lined boots. The brand is known for its plush clothing and super soft fabrics. On the other hand, Telfar’s bags have become a cult of what consumers know as the “Bushwick Birkin”. This Aussie brand produces one-of-a-kind standard boots that you’re missing out on if you don’t have one in your closet. These boots are the must-haves that fashion lovers should have in their wardrobe at any time of the year. As part of this collaboration, fans from both sides have been treated to the brand’s best of shearling staples and cozy fleece, which will be embossed with the Telfar logo. This collaboration should also get you sorted as you prepare for winter to step out in style. The pioneering label has left a lasting mark on the typical UGG boot. The two designers opted for the ankle silhouette with the famous TC emblem. The rest of the boot has a familiar look and retains the boot’s original style. The pockets are designed to match the boots.


The suede version of these boots is ankle sized and made from genuine suede. It features the Telfar logo around the bootstrap and includes fluffy shearling trims. The shoes also have a very cozy wool lining and Sherpa. Additionally, the design includes an embroidered logo that is placed on the heel counter of the boot. The boot is equipped with an EVA midsole which is fitted with a rubber outsole which ensures that the wearer can enjoy the supreme comfort that derives from the boot’s reliable grip.

The Telfar x UGG Logo Mini Blue

The blue mini version features real suede on the outside of the piece. The interior is 100% Sherpa wool and features a stamped lambskin of the Telfar logo on the boot strap. This blue Telfar x UGG Logo Mini is available for men in sizes 3-16. For those who wear sizes between those available in the size chart. It would be best to buy the larger sizes to enjoy the convenience. Women can use the size chart to check which size fits them. In addition, you can consider accessorizing the boots with matching gloves from the store.

The Telfar x UGG Logo Mini Black

This black version goes with everything you have when you want to step out. They are fantastic and fit your feet well to keep them warm. The boot feature includes 80% wool on the body part. The lining part contains 20% lyocell and 17 mm lambskin. The boot leg is 5.5″ high. The sole is made of rubber. The fur used comes from Australian lambs, which are colored accordingly. You can order from sizes 3-16 for all genders.

The Telfar x UGG Logo Mini Pink

The pink version of these boots also inherits the classic Mini Telfars signature. It is made of high quality suede, with the outer upper part featuring creamy lambskin. Designers have also used pure UGG upcycled wool, heat resistant fleece and rubber sole. The appearance looks so attractive that you cannot resist. They can be ordered in sizes 3-16.

Where to buy the Telfar x UGG Logo Mini?

If you want to enjoy these comfortable boots in autumn and winter, the collections are available on Telfar.net and UGG.com as well as in major outlets worldwide. The Telfar x UGG Logo Mini version is available for $250.

Packing the boots

Another exciting thing about ordering the Telfar x UGG Logo Mini is the packaging that comes with it. The new bags have been incorporated with the shearling signature of UGG’s heritage designs, balanced with maroon suede on the upper panels, which you can recognize in the silhouette of the Telfar tote.

How to equip this Telfar x UGG Logo Mini

These boots suit modern fashion and you have no options to accessorize them. If you can’t decide, please consider the two designers’ fuzzy bucket hats and beautiful branded hoodie with the same logo.

Final Verdict

The Telfar x UGG Logo Mini Boots are the best fashion creation that everyone can enjoy in the fall and winter seasons. They tic correct for their price of $250. You will enjoy the value for money because the boots are comfortable and practical items that you will come across. Depending on the type you choose, from a rich maroon to a sleek black, your toes will feel great walking in these boots. The collaboration between the two designers has resulted in all-inclusive boots that are gender neutral, combining heritage with the visionary designer’s perfect craftsmanship, giving these shoes that superb streetwear finish that’s irresistible and a must-have.

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