The 10 most immediate future trends in food

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 I discover nothing if I say that the food issue is becoming especially sophisticated in our environment, consumers demand more and more pijadas that have more than that or less of that other and with all this articulate a more technified food with an industry every time more delighted with this type of trends , and that does not stop offering new products. Be that as it may, some market research companies (such as Euromonitor ) have taken the trouble to analyze the most advanced trends in food for the near future … they involve consumers and industry. Do you want to know what they are?


1. Proteins to power

It could not be otherwise and it is a trend that has been hitting hard for a number of years and yet does not show any signs of weakness for now. Thus, almost any self-respecting manufactured food product seeks to make some kind of claim in this regard on its packaging or label: with proteins of high biological value, rich in proteins, source of … etcetera.

2. “Natural” continues to rise, but also the food must be functional

Something curious to my way of seeing since it expresses a certain contradiction. Analysts conclude that the expression “natural” is a powerful claim and at the same time an important purchase argument for consumers. But it is no longer valid with that, at the same time the food has to express a functionality: ” naturally functional ” or something like that … although for that you have to remove, for example, gluten or lactose to something that contains it. “Natural” milk without lactose? As I say, it seems to me a (absurd) tendency that may sound very strange.

3. Reduction of meat products

<strong>3. Reduction of meat products</strong>

Yes, I know that this trend could harbor a certain contradiction with the first , but it is. In any case it is a boom of what has been called flexitarianism , which could be translated as a low intensity omnivorism with animal products and of special significance with foods of vegetable origin … or as a vegetarianism, but flexible . My blog neighbor explained it phenomenally long ago in this post . Well hale, you know it’s fashionable. (I must admit that this type of dietary approach seems quite appropriate )

4. More vegetables in the diet, flexitarianism is important

<strong>4. More vegetables in the diet, flexitarianism is important</strong>

A trend clearly related to the previous one. In fact if we adopt “flexitarianism” as a trend … No. 3 and No. 4 could be perfectly grouped into one. This as consumer trend, but the industry, to give “exit” to that demand of consumers seems to have already planned the launch of various products that facilitate the incorporation of more vegetables in the daily diet , for example, bread with a ration also incorporate a serving of vegetables, broccoli “flour”, vegetable yogurt, and so on.

5. Open war on sugars

Something we already know but that has a curious nuance: its presence is criminalized in solid foods, but they are observed with much greater indulgence in carbonated drinks or soft drinks . In this sense, sweeteners that have been falsely referred to as “natural” ( for example stevia ) are preferred by the consumer (making trend No. 2 good, especially when in addition to “natural” certain benefits are attributed). And as this industry knows … soon we will see even more products on the market with this type of sweeteners instead of simple sugars.

6. Greater concern for the well-being and health of emerging markets

It could not be otherwise, while in the West the concern for health through food is superlative (whether it is bad or well channeled, that is another debate) it was not like that in more depressed environments that are gradually climbing steps in that hypothetical food pyramid Maslow .

7. Cold-pressed juices will be “the most of the most”

<strong>7. Cold-pressed juices will be "the most of the most"</strong>

We are already living it, they will be “the most of the most” … chupisaludable , tecnobeneficioso , naturoguay and nutribeneficioso … any of these before actually encouraging you to eat more vegetables as indicated, however, trend # 4. I suggest you visit this article by Mikel Iturriaga ( @mikeliturriaga )

8. Probiotics will conquer the southern hemisphere

Colonized with greater or lesser success “the north” it was clear that his territory of expansion was bound to the other countries. Something that does not stop being in relation with the trend nº 6

9. Search for the real “integrality”

According to this trend study, consumers are going to worry and will demand more real integral products that, without cheating on the part of the producer, are made with a significant amount of whole grains, beyond having an integral ingredient in their composition (usually in small quantity) can be attributed to that food the characteristic of “integral”.

10. Increased concern about food fraud especially when it has implications for health and well-being

The most recent food scandals, whether of contamination, labeling … or whatever, has not left an important mass of consumers insensitive, who are increasingly going to show their concern about these issues.

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The Iranian vice president tells the US that "Iran is now a responsible actor"

Image result for Masoumeh EbtekarTehran, Apr 30 (EFE) .- Iranian Vice President and responsible for the Environment portfolio, Masoumeh Ebtekar, said today that his country “is now a responsible actor” and asked the United States to “wake up to that reality” and join the “enthusiasm” of the international community to work with Tehran.

“We want to work with the international community and promote peace and stability (…) We have to look beyond and not take steps that make us go further,” Ebtekar said in an interview with several international media, including Efe, in the framework of the visit to Tehran of the European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, Miguel Arias Cañete.

The Iranian policy, very close to the country’s president, Hasan Rohani, defended the nuclear agreement reached in July 2015 between Iran and the so-called Group 5 + 1 (United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France and Germany) that Donald Trump has asked to review.

“The nuclear agreement was a turning point in Iran’s relationship with the world,” added Ebtekar (Tehran, 1960), who stressed that Tehran is “working in an atmosphere of trust with the international community.”

The first woman vice president of Iran, who next May 19 will hold elections with the moderate Rohani as a favorite for re-election, said that “expectations about the nuclear agreement are very high” among the population.

“People want it to be fully implemented and many of the problems come from outside (…) It is up to the other signatories of the agreement to assume their part,” Ebtekar added.

Under the agreement known as JCPOA, formalized in January 2016, Iran promised to abandon its alleged atomic program for military purposes in exchange for developing a civilian one, with certain limitations and under international supervision, in exchange for the lifting the sanctions against Tehran for its nuclear policy.

The agreement, negotiated and initialed under the administration of Barack Obama, has been criticized by Trump, his successor, and defended at all costs by the European Union, also by the Commissioner of Energy and Climate Change on several occasions during his current visit to Iran.

The Iranian vice president did not want to speculate on the response that Iran could give to a hypothetical break in the nuclear pact by the United States.

And he defended the vote for Rohani, criticized by the Supreme Leader of the Ayatollah regime, considering that he has not managed to revitalize the economy after the agreement.

Need more time

Image result for timeAccording to Ebtekar, Rohani “needs more time to achieve his goals”, among them, the full implementation of the nuclear agreement, one of the campaign issues in “free elections” in which the Iranians will be able to vote for “the candidates who have overcome the veto “of the Council of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, he said.

That body accepted 6 candidates of the 1,600 who tried to go to the May 19 elections.

Outside the atomic chapter but also in foreign policy, Ebtekar claimed the right of Iran to “defend its territorial integrity” in a region with many conflicts, some “instigated,” he said, “by foreign forces,” without specifying which ones.

He defended his country as a modern state committed to the struggle “against extremism” and terrorism of the self-styled Islamic State, which has “nothing to do with Islam,” said Ebtekar, a doctor in Immunology at the University of Tabiat, in the one that teaches classes.

In terms of foreign investment, the former editor of the Iranian-language magazine “Kayhan International” recognized that there are still “pressures on the banking system” that make it difficult to finance investments, as credit institutions fear that their operations in Iran will bring them sanctions in the USA.

Washington lifted the sanctions related to the Iranian nuclear policy, but keeps others for terrorism because it believes that Tehran sponsors it.

“The positive general atmosphere will help banks overcome their fears,” concluded Ebtekar, who in 1979 was a spokesman for the student movement that occupied the US embassy in Tehran and held 52 of its nationals hostage for 444 days, an episode recorded in the Oscar-winning film “Argo” that Ben Afleck filmed in 2012 and whose role Nikk Far played.

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Sentenced José María Tejero to two years in prison for fraud

Sentenced Jos&eacute; Mar&iacute;a Tejero to two years in prison for fraud

The Second Section of the Provincial Court of Asturias has sentenced the maximum shareholder of Real Avilés CF, José María Tejero, to God years of prison for a crime of aggravated fraud and a fine of 2,400 euros.

The defendant José María Tejero acting on behalf of the company Real Estate, SLU and “for the purpose of obtaining an unfair patrimonial benefit”, in a public deed dated December 30, 2011, sold to Canivell y Fernández, SL a plot urban in terms of the Campón-Heros in Avilés, an urban estate, to the site of Villalegre – polygon 10 PGOU of Avilés.

On these plots, real surface rights had been established for a period of 30 years that ended in 2028 in favor of the company Shell España SA, and were formalized in public deeds granted between the defendant José María Tejero, acting on behalf of and representation, as sole administrator of the company Investiment For Rent SA, by then owner of the farms and Shell Spain SA, which had as its object the construction and commissioning by the surface of two service stations on the farms described being subsequently transferred by Shell España SA to Disa Península SLU the surface rights constituted on the farms.

In the deed of sale of December 30, 2011, the defendant, José María Tejero, acting on behalf of Team Inmobiliario SLU, sold to Canivell and Fernández SLU, full ownership of both properties, with everything that is either inherent or accessory , in exchange for the price of 358,000 euros.

Among the rights transmitted as inherent to the farms sold included the credit rights on the variable fees that will be accrued as consideration for the surface rights that in a public deed were established in one peseta plus VAT per liter of fuel that Shell España SA supplied At each service station during the period of validity of the surface right, the obligation to pay expires on January 7, 2028 with respect to the San Agustín service station and on July 6, 2028 in relation to the Villalegre service station stipulating in said deeds that the variable annual amount to be received for each service station would in no case be less than three million pesetas (18,030.36 euros).

They made clear in the exhibition II of the deed of sale the express manifestation of the defendant on behalf of the selling entity Team Inmobiliario SLU, stating that no modification of the real rights of surface constituted on the estates described had been granted in public or private document. that could undermine the present sale.

“The defendant lacked the truth by concealing from the buyer

"The defendant lacked the truth by concealing from the buyer

the legal representative of Canivell and Fernández SLU, the modification of a part of the variable canons operated by public deed on the estate located in terms of the Campón-Heros, for which were reduced to a variable annual amount of 0.80 cents (0.0048 euros) plus the corresponding VAT for each liter of fuel, instead of a liter peseta initially set and the minimum annual fee was set at an amount annual not less than two million pesetas (12,020.24 euros plus VAT), instead of three million pesetas (18,030 euros) initially stipulated “.-

Modification that did not have access to the Land Registry and of which

Modification that did not have access to the Land Registry and of which

the buying party was not aware when it signed the sales contract. The defendant also concealed from the buyer that the annual variable fees derived from the surface rights on the property sold, had been pledged by him acting on behalf of Team Inmobiliario SLU in favor of Banco Sabadell, in guarantee of a mortgage loan between This entity and the commercial Avilés Inmobiliaria SLU represented by the defendant, for a principal of 400,000 euros and a repayment term of 15 years with due date.

Banco Sabadell becomes the holder of the credits, being authorized to make the pledged canons theirs and apply them to the repayment of the guaranteed loan, without this pledge having had access to the Land Registry, nor to the registry of personal property, for what the buyer was unaware of its existence when signing the contract of sale.

The legal representative of the buying entity believing what was stated by the defendant and not knowing the real situation of the credits derived from the surface rights accepted the sale paid the agreed price.

As a consequence of the pledge carried out by the defendant, the buyer Canivell y Fernández SLU was deprived of the annual fees that from the date of the sale it had to receive, having received only the sum of 21,622.48 euros paid by Disa Peninsular SLU, assignee of the rights of surface in the year 2012 corresponding to the annual canon of the estate of Villalegre.

The amount of the due and expired fees during the period between January 2012 after the sale until the year 2028 of extinction of the surface rights amounts to the sum of 568,573.82 euros.

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The sad vision of Spain of an autonomy


The Great Crisis that we suffer is basically due to eight factors:


1- Speculators and companies such as Lemon & Brothers, Moodys and the like, who have made up balance sheets and income statements, recommending investments in junk bonds and a long list of others.


2- Banking Scammer who has invested where it should not and has given loans right and left, charging commissions for everything. In addition to negotiating with appraisal companies to be able to finance the expenses, the car, the furniture and the honeymoon. Without forgetting the loans and subsidies to political parties and early retirement, we will pay while we retire at 67. Others with 53 already are, and also, they have their moonlighting in …
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Enough to give away health cards

Enough to give away health cards


The Government intends to give the green light at the end of this month of April or beginning of May a law that would guarantee the effective universalization of the right to health care in the SNS. This bill could affect around 200,000 Spanish citizens without coverage at present, as explained by the Minister of Health, Leire Pajín. The central government continues, therefore, “inviting” more people to the “free” public health party.


Meanwhile, Catalan hospitals are forced to drastic cuts to maintain the viability of the system …
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The culture of arriving at the end of the month


By Lidia Lozano, PhD student in Linguistics, professor and writer of materials for the Cervantes Institute, and research technique at the UAB. She has been a professor at Princeton University.

From my point of view, in order for Spain to modernize, there should be many more incentives to create trinfadores, competitive companies and lasting wealth. And there should be a fundamental change (and when I say “fundamental” I mean the original meaning of the word: a change of base) of the way of approaching work.

The Mediterranean culture focuses its forces on how to get to the end of the month in the professional, economic, political. Think short term and base your decisions on …
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The chimera of the non-violència


The non-violence s’ha pregonat an ideology in politics, religion and per diferents leaders. Nonviolence is not a fet, so sols is an idea, a theory, a munt de paraules. The real fet is that som violents, it is a fet, it is ‘the one who is’. Però are not capaços de comprendre ‘the one that es’ i per això, inventem aquesta ximpleria that anomenem the non-violència, which generates a conflict between ‘who is’ and ‘who hauria to be’.


Mentre perseguim the non-violència estarem sembrant the llavor of the violència, is such an obvious thing. Així doncs, we can look together ‘who is’ sense evade us, sense ideal cap, sense …
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Education is everyone’s job

Education is everyone


That we have a problem with the “ni-ni”, is more than evident, and that this problem is trying to blame the school is also clear. It is easy to look the other way when it is not convenient to look at ourselves. A teacher spends with a student a maximum of three hours a week in a class setting where there are more than 33 students each with a very large disparity level and where …
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A 110 more is spent

A 110 more is spent

Who should be asked to pay the difference? Or better, damages.
I am sure that, like me, there is a vast majority of people who have not stopped to calculate or check the supposed savings of 110 km / h. I have consulted automotive professionals and do not rule out the possibility of the certainty of my theories. Should we not be more creative before adopting measures by simple logic and not by common sense?


The government components comment that to get out of the crisis it is necessary to adopt measures such as creativity or eloquence. I sincerely believe that they believe us deluded. As nobody says anything, they “go away for a little” for …
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The Government proposes: Save for not investigating

The Government proposes: Save for not investigating

We are constantly reading and listening to news related to the crisis, with the adverse situation that Spain is going through, for several years now, although according to the government there are “green shoots on the horizon”, a crisis that is well known also affects other countries of the European Union.

Apart from all the measures that every government is obliged to carry out, which I want to refer specifically to the “Energy Saving Plan”, and other more palpable measures that slow down the ordinary citizen, such as the famous speed limitation from 120 to 110km / h, saving on light bulbs, saving on tires, use of public transport, all …
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Michael Jackson accumulated a debt of 500 million dollars, according to media

Michael Jackson accumulated a debt of 500 million dollars, according to media

The deceased singer Michael Jackson accumulated a debt superior to 500 million dollars and trusted in his return to the scenes to overcome his pressing financial problems, that had taken him to mortgage or to sell great part of his assets,Although the king of pop sold almost 750 million records and once said that during his four-decade musical career had won 700 million dollars (497 million euros), his debts were already 500 million dollars (355 million euros), according to the newspaper. His lawyer, Brian Oxman, detailed during a television interview, that the exact amount “is something that Michael always kept in private”, but “it was indeed a considerable figure that he was managing, and he was doing it well”.
In that sense, he gave the example of his musical catalog, which “is one of the most valuable in the entertainment industry, if not the most valuable”. Oxman said that “eight or ten months ago Sony / ATV (the joint venture formed by the artist and the Sony company) bought musical successes for 400 million dollars (284 million euros) in cash.”

The television network CNBC said today that, together

<br />The television network CNBC said today that, together

the value of the assets of the artist, who died on Thursday in Los Angeles, could exceed one million dollars (710 million euros). During the trial that was followed against him in 2005, he made sure that his rhythm of annual spending exceeded by 30 million dollars (21.2 million euros) his income, which fell after the accusations of child abuse, and for his investments in properties and the acquisition of exotic animals and collectibles.
Apparently, the singer had committed much of his capital to borrow money, as happened with part of the catalog of songs of the Beatles, which used to back a loan of 200 million dollars (142 million dollars). Last year, the king of pop sold his famous Neverland ranch, in Santa Barbara (California), to a joint venture formed by himself and by Colony Capital, which bought the mortgage for the property worth 24 million dollars (17 million euros), to avoid having to declare bankruptcy.
Colony Capital intended to sell it for up to 90 million dollars (63.9 million euros) after reforming it and if Jackson’s career was relaunched with his return to the stage, after 12 years of absence. According to an article in Rolling Stone magazine written before the winner of thirteen Grammys died, his return to the stage was going to solve most of these problems.

In theory this tour was going to solve Jackson’s problems

<br />In theory this tour was going to solve Jackson

since there are estimates that he would win between 50 and 100 million dollars (33.5 and 71 million euros).” It was going to be a quick solution, but unfortunately we will see it, “article co-author Steve Knopper said in a television interview today.
It is estimated that, if he had only performed at the 50 scheduled concerts and that they started in London, Jackson could have won close to 50 million dollars (one million per performance), but he would have expanded with other concerts in Europe and the United States. and as it had been contemplated – those profits would have doubled. When announcing his return, and in a matter of hours, a million people tried to get tickets for the 10 concerts initially scheduled, which soon became 50.

AEG Live, promoter of their concerts, and Ticketmaster

<br />AEG Live, promoter of their concerts, and Ticketmaster

specialized in online ticket sales, sold 750,000 tickets in four hours. There is no doubt that Jackson had the capacity to continue generating income: one day after his death, his compilations are the five best-selling albums of iTunes, the largest electronic music store. With his death, the promoters of his return will have to face the losses arising from the cancellation of the concerts at the London O2 Arena at the height of the high season.
According to the CBNC, AEG Live sold 85 million dollars in tickets and invested at least 30 million dollars (21.3 million euros) in the production of the performances. Unable to find insurer for all the concerts, AEG director Randy Philips recently told the Daily Telegraph that the company had no problem in securing these concerts herself: “It is a risk we are willing to take to take the ‘king of pop ‘before their fans “.

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Hansruedi Weber, the septuagenarian who could end the financial system as we know it

Image result for Hansruedi Weber,His appearance is reminiscent of Heidi’s grandfather: 72 years old, corpulent, hair and white beard very well groomed. His curriculum identifies him as a primary school teacher who retired after his 40th birthday. He went to travel the world. He traveled to France and England to learn languages. Then he enrolled in the university. He studied philosophy and economics in Zurich and business ethics in St. Gallen, also constitutional law, although he has no degree because he did not finish any of those careers. A priori, it looks more like a modern grandfather than a dangerous subversive element as the bank considers it.

In 2008, when the global financial system broke out after the subprime mortgage crisis Weber, like many others, looked for readings that would allow him to understand how it could have happened.

A book read in 2008, the origin of everything

He found himself face to face with the complicated system of operation of the bank and its capacity to create fiducidario money. Something that everyone is part of, but very few understand. That basically consists in that with the deposit of a client, the financial institution can give credits to many others. Since it only needs a small amount of money to rusticar the granting of a credit. This works as long as the clients do not claim their money all at once, because when that happens the bank falls.

The Spaniards already gave a ration this reality with Banesto in 1993 and with the Popular in 2017. Weber discovered it in 2008 when the book “Creating New Money” by Joseph Huber and James Robertson, which had just been translated, also fell into his hands. to German.

Bet to simplify the functioning of the financial system

At that moment it occurred to him that the only way to avoid crises like the one the world was living at that time was to bet on simplicity. “What I propose is what everyone understands,” he told reporters.

His proposal is simple: prevent all commercial banks from creating money, almost from nothing , and leave this capacity as the exclusive task of central banks. In the specific case of Switzerland, the central bank hardly creates 10% of all the money that is created in the country. “This financial model inevitably leads to the abyss,” say Weber’s messages.

Up to here it could be one of the thousands of analyzes that the world has tried to fix after the fall of Lehman Brothers. But this septuagenarian has not limited himself to writing a few paragraphs and spreading them on the web, not even to writing a book reinforcing Huber’s theories.

Momo, the organization

He joined the German activist Thomas Mayer and a large group of experts who trusted his proposal and created a Modernizing Money organization , known as MoMo , to spread throughout the planet the need to create a safer financial system more linked to the economy real where banks maintain 100% of reserves as deposits. That is, if they want to lend 100 have 100 units in reserve and not about 10 as now. It was the origin of the proposal that today is known as the Vollgeld Initiative or Sovereign Money Initiative .

This gentleman, with the appearance of a dear grandfather, invested his own money in boosting this proposal with which he has managed to put the global financial system in check. He took from Huber the idea that Switzerland was the ideal country to begin his attack strategy. There it is possible that any initiative can be consulted in a referendum if 100,000 signatures are obtained in the 18 months after the idea was launched. Momo got 110,000. That is why today the Swiss are voting whether or not they want to change the rules of their financial system, and therefore worldwide.

Switzerland, the ideal place to start the offensive

It is unlikely that Weber’s check would become a mate in the light of polls published in the Swiss media in recent days.

Image result for swissAll Swiss political parties reject the measure. The ‘informative’ campaigns of Momo that were widely accepted at the beginning of the initiative have been counterprogrammed by the financial and political authorities that have made an effort, especially in recent weeks, to warn the population above all through television, According to confirmed Spaniards settled in that country, the risks that would involve accepting the idea of ​​sovereign money.

Politicians, bankers and regulators, against

They highlight the risk of turning Switzerland into a field of experimentation without knowing the consequences. They also warn that this would imply an increase in the cost of mortgages and credits for households and businesses. In addition, it could end the powerful financial sector that is a great base of the country’s economy. Finally, they assure that in no case the sovereign money is a guarantee to avoid crises.

The polls of the Swiss press last week gave 54% to supporters of the no, compared to 46% who support Weber. The initial supports are blurring. In his last appearances in the press he claims to have “lost a bit of faith in Switzerland”.

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Six Advance Loan Strategies For You

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Looking to balance family and function may be the name of the sport for many people nowadays. After running a deal with marketing, it is not unimportant to regularly measure the results. In addition, they make the lender to not be sued by the client sign deals in the case of any question. Duce, there is no payroll clerk from which to draw advance cash services. This quick cash loans on a single time with regards to the applicant’s salary- the advantage tory-burchshoesoutlet.net/managing-your-pay-day-loans Tory Burchshoesoutlet.

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You are a grown-up at the age of 18 within the U.S. Simply appropriate adults could sign the agreement. Why is this better than the cameras that are most common is, therefore, it is simpler to spot intruders, the fact that the solution is much better. This implies individuals with even bad credit also can use. At Fast Cash Signature Loans, we offer you fast money loans from $100-$2000, which might be not difficult to submit an application with very little paperwork.

Keep in mind that not every cash advance bank will be the same. In cash-recession times, awaiting the mortgage from a lender could be terrible for the organization. Then you can move directly to your neighborhood approved cash advance if you should be not currently going to be ashamed to become seen getting a straightforward cash advance. Thus that will be online creditors, the original banks or better?

Title loans are easy quick and protected methods for getting the bucks if you are in a financial emergency you’ll need. Economic problems could range something to a car deteriorating from an urgent bill. There are two major causes that a payday loan is taken by folks. Your ability to settle the loan because your property or any asset not secures the loan guarantees unsecured signature loans of course. Working capital options are becoming an essential theme for small business owners throughout the new commercial lending crisis.

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